Deep Cuts: R.E.M.

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R.E.M. released the 25th anniversary of their first major label album Green earlier this year. As the band has disbanded we get the chance to look back at this group’s impressive catalog. I’ve selected a deep cut (a song not released as a single) from each of the band’s 15 albums that are worth exploring even today. Most of you probably ignored R.E.M.’s last few albums, but there are even some goodies hidden in there too.

For those of you who use Spotify, here is a playlist of all of the songs on this list: REM Deep Cut Playlist

If you have your own ideas or suggestions, please add them in the comments and make sure you click on the image to hear the song!

-Feature by Matt Heiner

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4 thoughts on “Deep Cuts: R.E.M.”

  1. Nice job, Matt. REM was better than people remember. I’ll never forget the day I got the Chronic Town EP and I was hooked. (There’s no way that was 32 years ago!!!)

  2. “I Believe” is strong contender for my favorite R.E.M. song. Life’s Rich Pageant was the first album I ever bought; it’s still one of my favorites.

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