Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 6 (November 2013)

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Thanksgiving is over and now it is time to shop! Before you go looking for the best price on designer socks check out these fine artists below in our November Bandcamp feature. There are some great bargains here but even better – great music.

Remember that they are in no particular order and make sure you Discover, Support & Share!

grass-is-green Grass Is Green
Boston, MA

Grass Is Green have been prowling the Boston underground for about three years now and their experimental and angular rock keeps building depth. The group has their new record, Vacation Vinny, set to release January 14th, 2014. The band has already opened for the likes of Tera Melos, Joe Lally (Fugazi), Girls Against Boys, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and countless others plus will be touring in support of the album with Speedy Ortiz.

Grass Is Green Bandcamp

Dayton, OH

Featuring former members of Towhee, Forage blends layered guitars and melancholy melodies that call to mind Built to Spill and Photo Album-era Death Cab. These guys are great live, so don’t miss them if they play a show near you.

Forage Bandcamp

from below From Below
New York, NY

Hailing from big, bad New York City and formed via a Craigslist posting, From Below offer up a dirty, melodic brand of neo-punk that’s not heard much these days. Co-founders Tom Hoy and Cero Cartera share a love of not only classical (Cartera has a degree in music) and jazz but also Tool and Rage Against The Machine. Their LP No Gods, No Monsters was just released via Bandcamp and it’s dynamite.

From Below Bandcamp

fez Disasterpeace
Berkeley, CA

Once Jim Guthrie was a part of last month’s feature I knew it was time to introduce ambient, 8-bit chiptune wizard Disasterpeace. Writing scores for many games, one of his biggest successes come with the fun, cryptic indie platformer FEZ. Everything strikes a perfect balance in FEZ but the music has to be one of the best parts.

Disasterpeace Bandcamp

staples Chris Staples
Seattle, WA

The mastermind behind such projects as Twothirtyeight and Discover America, Chris Staples writes subtle tracks that work their way into your brain and stay there for days. His recent solo work is one part Bright Eyes, two parts Elliott Smith shuffling indie folk rock genius.

Chris Staples Bandcamp

Los Angeles, CA

LA via Copenhagen singer/songwriter Majken Christensen’s debut EP Deronda Hotel does not sound like the work of an unknown independent artist. She’s got a deep affinity for Pink Floyd and The Velvet Underground but sounds more like fellow Scandinavian Lykke Li – and that’s saying a lot. Dreamy, California pop that certainly draws from the glory days of the girl group sixties but with modern sensibilities. This one’s a keeper.

Majken Bandcamp

unconditional-arms Unconditional Arms
Oakland, CA

Unconditional Arms recently released an instrumental album titled Kinship that explores some of the soundscapes previously transcribed by bands like Explosions In The Sky and Friends of Dean Martinez. This record is driven by the birth of band leader Jeffrey Wright’s first-born son. Heartfelt emotional music with purpose always makes for a good listen.

Unconditional Arms Bandcamp

flying-sorcerors The Flying Sorcerers
Wellington, New Zealand

How about an eight song EP of great Kiwi pop that flies by in under twelve minutes? If you’re anything like us here at The Fire Note then this just might be music to your ears. I don’t think they’ve ever played outside New Zealand but if they ever do their jangly guitars, pretty harmonies, lo-fi production values and concise arrangements could find a larger audience among a new generation of indie kids worshipping at the altar of Flying Nun.

The Flying Sorcerers Bandcamp

joy-electricJoy Electric
Ashland, OH

Ronnie Martin (brother of Starflyer 59’s Jason) has been releasing albums under the Joy Electric name for almost two decades. Utilizing nothing but vocals and analog synths (“no drum machines”), JE recalls bands like New Order and OMD, but their surprisingly warm synth-only pop sets them apart.

Joy Electric Bandcamp

Brooklyn, NY

If ever a band from Brooklyn sounded like they should be on the Brooklyn based Captured Tracks label then Lazyeyes would get my vote. The band has that Beach Fossils/Minks sound going on with a sort of lo-fi new wave pop vibe. The single “Darling Dear” is catchy and gives me great promise for their new 7 song EP due out here in early 2014.

Lazyeyes Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony, Simon Workman, Scot Lade, and Christopher Tahy

Fire Note Staff

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