Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 26

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The September Bandcamp feature is here! This month you get garage from France, punk from New York, 90’s dream-pop out of Omaha, Michigan’s own West coast psych rock and folk from England! Just do it – Discover, Support & Share!

palehound Palehound
Brooklyn, New York

Palehound will stoke your 90’s era indie rock fire back into a roaring blaze. Dry Food is an excellent slanted and disjointed bit of jangle rock. If you are fans of Speedy Ortiz and Joanna Gruesome, this record will fit in nicely with your collection. The album starts with a bang with the rocker “Molly,” but settles into a bit more mellow, melodic, and nuanced record over the remaining seven tracks.

Palehound Bandcamp

christian-fitness Christian Fitness
Cardiff, UK

Andrew Falkous of Mclusky and Future of the Left fame gives us 10 tracks of heavy and lethal post punk rock. Love Letters in the Age of Steam is his second release under the Christian Fitness moniker. I do not care what he calls himself, he is one of the more creative, and entertaining artists in the UK and this LP does not disappoint. It is a sarcastic, snarky and vicious and a great listen from beginning to end. Get this album!

Christian Fitness Bandcamp

see-through-darkness See Through Dresses
Omaha, Nebraska

Fresh off tour dates with Cursive and Beach Slang earlier this year, See Through Dresses have already made a name for themselves on the indie circuit. They have a new 6-song EP coming out October 23 and after checking out their Bandcamp sample I think you are going to be onboard. Their 90’s dream-pop and shoegaze style blast and build to big satisfying finishes. It is great to hear this sound still thriving as See Through Dresses remind you of great alt days in the past but still feels very 2015.

See Through Dresses Bandcamp

look-vibrant Look Vibrant
Montreal, Canada

Montreal-based indie pop and art rock group Look Vibrant have released multiple singles and have just released their first EP, Only Qualms. Their style of electro-pop is fresh and energetic which should bring plenty of listeners into the fold. What I like about Look Vibrant is that they don’t overdue the sugar, which for some of these bands is an Achilles heel – not here as Look Vibrant hold to their group name!

Look Vibrant Bandcamp

Annandale On Hudson, New York

The queer punk duo PWR BTTM have just released their album debut, Ugly Cherries. The group reminds me of 90’s standout Pansy Division with their honest approach to their song subjects. PWR BTTM is not as “punk” as you might think as plenty of tracks on Ugly Cherries have a much more building rock vibe to them like a Tim Kasher project. It is a band that could easily scare people with their labeled genre but give them a shot – you will let any bias quickly fly by.

PWR BTTM Bandcamp

sm-wolf S.M. Wolf
Indianapolis, Indiana

I always seem to gravitate towards a band like S.M. Wolf but they have earned it. Big sprawling vocals and guitar with some indie flash weirdness. Yep – sounds about right as their debut, Neon Debris, is out November 7th via joint labels Jurassic Pop and In Store Recordings. Enjoy the first track “We All Decided No” now!

S.M. Wolf Bandcamp

crooked-weather Crooked Weather
East Yorkshire, England

Crooked Weather play earthy, unruly and original folk songs. The group has solid lyrics and a memorable delivery by members Holly and Will. A band like this can go either way sometimes but Crooked Weather hold onto you with their catchy harmonies which mesmerize your ear and leave you wanting more. Their sophomore album, Long Garden, is due out October 16th.

Crooked Weather Bandcamp

heaters Heaters
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Heaters is a band up The Fire Note’s alley with their spacey take on West Coast psych rock. This group will swing you through ‘60s garage as they build their own wall of classic floating sounds. Plenty of reverb and fuzz – what more do you need – nothing we say – just Heaters!

Heaters Bandcamp

baston Baston
Rennes, France

I know when you think France you don’t think psychedelic garage but that is exactly what you get from Baston. The band has that simmering surf vibe that draws you into their world. The group also delivers a nice mix as they can rock out a hard garage 3 minutes or an almost 7 minute number that moves into shoegaze territory. We highlighted Howlin’ Banana Records before but you really should check this label out as they have plenty of new quality music to keep you busy!

Baston Bandcamp


hectorina Hectorina
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hectorina have a chameleon of sounds on their just released self-titled third album. At some point you will hear a soulful Walkmen vibe and at others a Jack White howl. Regardless of the style, Hectorina have put together an entertaining record that plays big and gets more addicting with repeat listens.

Hectorina Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Daniel Taylor

Fire Note Staff

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