Guided By Voices – Briefcase 4 / 1500 Commie Red Vinyl

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He has done it again! Robert Pollard has combed back over the cutting floor and pulled together Suitcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won The War. The 4 CD set will offer another 100 unreleased songs from GBV. Following tradition with the 4 CD only release Suitcases of the past there is a Briefcase vinyl LP that isolates 22 tracks on one slab of wax with 3 exclusive songs.

Briefcase 4 is on commie red vinyl and limited to 1500 copies worldwide. You can head on over now to Rockathon Records HERE to pre-order a copy of both which are due out November 20th.

While you are there make sure to snag the new Circus Devils as well!

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