Cheekface: Emphatically No. (Rainbow Wax | 500 Copies)

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Cheekface’s Emphatically No. is the second full-length album from the Los Angeles indie rock trio of guitarist/singing person Greg Katz, bassist/other singing person Amanda Tannen and drummer Mark “Echo” Edwards. This is a record obviously influenced by great American talk-singers like Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman and Stephen Malkmus, British post-punk bands like Wire and The Fall, and proto-indie bands like The dB’s and Minutemen. However, Cheekface chart their own course with their humorous, self-effacing, and openhearted lyrics that set the mundanity of daily life against the backdrop of our catastrophic world, as in the memorable “Best Life,” which starts with the band mumbling “Everything is normal,” before Katz blurts out, “Due to personal reasons, I said nothing in therapy / we just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed!”

This first vinyl pressing is limited to 500 copies and is translucent with a primary color rainbow. Includes an insert with lyric stickers. Art and design by the band’s own Amanda Tannen. Album was just released January 11th but vinyl will ship in April due to global record pressing delays. Ships free in the United States.

You can pre-order the rainbow color vinyl HERE

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