Beach House Loser Edition: New Album Depression Cherry 8/28/15

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Beach House will release Depression Cherry, the band’s fifth album, on August 28th via Sub Pop Records. Depression Cherry is now available for preorder from the Sub Pop Mega Mart.

The LP will come packaged in a sumptuous red velvet sleeve. If you act now you can receive the special, limited, clear vinyl Loser Edition (while supplies last). You can order HERE.

Here is the track listing with selected lyrics.
1. Levitation – “The branches of the trees, they will hang lower now, you will grow too quick, then you will get over it”
2. Sparks – “It’s a gift, taken from the lips, you live again”
3. Space Song – “What makes this fragile world go ‘round, were you ever lost, was she ever found?”
4. Beyond Love – “They take the simple things inside you and put nightmares in your hands”
5. 10:37 – “ Here she comes, all parts of everything, stars in the motherhand”
6. PPP – “Did you see it coming, it happened so fast, the timing was perfect, water on glass…”
7. Wildflower – “ What’s left you make something of it”
8. Bluebird – “I would not ever try to capture you”
9. Days of Candy – “I know it comes too soon, the universe is riding off with you…… I want to know you there, the universe is riding off with you.”

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