Video Premiere: Moa Holmsten – “You’re Missing”

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Here is a twist today for you. A Bruce Springsteen cover from a Swedish recording artist that previously fronted a heavy metal band. Sound interesting? – you bet.

Moa Holmsten is the artist we are talking about and this video premiere for “You’re Missing” is from her recently released record of all Springsteen covers titled Bruised Arms & Broken Rhythm on Fill In The Blank Records. If you know any Springsteen history, this song was actually cut in 1994 and then revived and rewritten after 9/11, for his powerful 2002 album, The Rising.

With the help of Tony (the producer and co-creator of the album) this video pairs with Holmsten’s haunting and delicate vocals with his art project that was made several years ago filming himself when he was heartbroken. The song, the video and voice all connect with a core emotion we all have experienced which pulls you into the track.

With great starting material, “You’re Missing” is a solid representation from the record which features other great takes on “Dancing In The Dark,” “Badlands,” and “Born To Run” to just name a few. I have always been a sucker for covers and this project from Moa Holmsten takes a huge risk tackling Springsteen but I will tell you that she not only succeeds but will have you humming along to her versions in no time.

Moa Holmsten Website
Fill In The Blank Records

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