Thirsty Curses – “Nothing Really Matters” [VIDEO]

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To the Ends of the Earth is the fourth studio album by the Raleigh-based band Thirsty Curses. The band recorded most of the album at frontman Wilson Getchell’s home studio in Raleigh, NC over the summer of 2021. The band also spent a day in Bias Studios in Northern Virginia where they recorded three songs for the album and did piano overdubs on the studio’s baby grand.

The album is a moody mother, as it bounces between numerous rock subgenres throughout. A majority of the songs appearing on To The Ends of the Earth were written since the completion of the band’s last album, Thirsty Curses. Incidentally, lead singer and songwriter Wilson Getchell began writing the album’s final track “Baptist and a Rabbi” circa 2008, but the song had largely been forgotten and was unfinished. However, during the 2020 lockdowns, Wilson ran across an old demo of the song and ultimately re-wrote some of the lyrics and transposed the song from guitar to piano.

To the Ends of the Earth is the first Thirsty Curses album to feature Evan Miller on drums and Alexander Weir on lead guitar, replacing Phil Harrington and Kelley Otwell, respectively, who left the band over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hannah Chapman (who sang on “GDMNT” on Thirsty Curses) provided guest backup vocals on “Tell Me the Truth.”

To The Ends of the Earth is available on CD and download, released on March 4th, 2022.

You can order the album HERE.

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