Sundressed – “Home Remedy” [Video]

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Living on such a chaotic planet, tossing and turning is inevitable. It’s hard to sleep in the midst of uncertainty. That’s why Sundressed was born. Lead vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges began his project in 2012, with the initial purpose of maintaining his sobriety.

Now, 8 years later, Hedges has refocused the project’s mission, writing songs that tackle mental health issues for others to take solace in. His confessional lyrics and punk-infused melodies inspire hope in listeners to continue moving forward.

With the addition of AJ Peacox (guitar), Vic Chan (drums), Matthew Graham and Justin Portillo, Sundressed is back with their new album Home Remedy. The album is out tomorrow (September 18th) via Rude Records and you can order a copy HERE.

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