Rick Rude – “Square” [Video]

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The Led Zeppelin-meets-Superchunk-styled instrumental “Square” is the second single from Rick Rude’s upcoming album ‘Laverne’, out February 2nd on Midnight Werewolf Records.

About Rick Rude: New England relationships have the benefit of the seasons to cauterize intimacy. Sometimes that happens between friends over cards at the cleared dinner table, or under a locally handmade blanket. For Rick Rude, it started in a living room in York, Maine in the fall of 2013. Ten years later, Rick Rude continues to bring friends together over a piping hot stew of homemade rock n roll. Jordan Holtz (bass, vox) and Ben Troy (guitar, vox) form the main songwriting team while Chris Kennedy (guitar, vox) and Ryan Harrison (drums) complete the quartet. As time oozes on, Rick Rude prepares to release their third studio production Laverne in the winter of 2024, perfect for making new friends, or discovering new depths of love with old ones.

Laverne, the third studio release from New England based Rick Rude, is an effort in energy. With a thicker guitar punch than the quartet’s first two releases (three if you include an introductory 5 song EP, Mindcook) Laverne yanks, tugs and strokes all available heartstrings. Something about this release feels more mature, confident and strong, a band seasoned collectively and individually. Jeremy Cunningham (Tossed Aside, Crystal Methodist, Ezra Cohen & the Big City Band, Idling…) as chief production engineer stated a desire to manifest a more live sound for Laverne to more honestly capture the energy Rick Rude has been playing with for ten years.


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