Mdou Moctar – “Imouhar” [Video]

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Mdou Moctar have released a new single and video, ‘Imouhar’, taken from the group’s forthcoming album, Funeral For Justice, out May 3rd on Matador. A hypnotic rock song building to a feverish crescendo, ‘Imouhar’ calls on the Tuareg people to which the band belong to preserve their Tamasheq language – it’s at risk of dying out, and Moctar is one of the few in his community who knows how to write it. “People here are just using French,” says Mdou. “They’re starting to forget their own language. We feel like in a hundred years no one will speak good Tamasheq, and that’s so scary for us.” The video was directed by Laura Greenhall. This album is already sounding like a Top 50 record of the year for TFN!

‘Imouhar’ follows the first single and title track ‘Funeral For Justice’ which came out in February. In April, the band will return to the US to perform at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. In June, they will launch US and European headlining tours with festival appearances at Bonnaroo, Green River, Glastonbury, and End of the Road, among others. Find a complete itinerary below. 

Recorded at the close of two years spent touring the globe following the release of 2019 breakout Afrique VictimeFuneral For Justice captures the Nigerien quartet in ferocious form. The music is louder, faster, and more wild. The guitar solos are feedback-scorched and the lyrics are passionately political. Nothing is held back or toned down. 

Damon Locks (Black Monument Ensemble) on Funeral For Justice
There is a beauty in listening to music made in the spirit of energetic transformation. When the sounds transform the air and the listener. This record transports the listener into the heart of the music of Mdou Moctar. The blending of intention and motivation creates a burst of sound that embraces and shakes and invites one to dance! It invites one to breathe. It invites one to be in solidarity with the music. It invites one to be in touch with the human condition. What does it mean to be free in these times? Can the world be liberated from the colonial mindstate that has caused such harm and mistrust? Can we mourn our losses yet build anew to form something more astounding, more fantastic? ‘Funeral For Justice’ says we can. 

A sound that carries weight makes an impact. A sound that carries time transcends time. We are not only listening to music but we are living through it. We are living with it. We are living in it. The artist sees history and makes poetry from it for the present. Mdou Moctar’s ‘Funeral For Justice’ requests your presence. Show up open to the celebration of life, loved as it should be loved. Experience the exaltation and exuberance. The words speak of ascension, awareness, sorrow, apathy, knowing, and growth. The guitars speak of power, energy, jubilation, transcendency, immediacy, and tradition. The drums and percussion mark the pulse of now as well as a timeless dance that involves us all, as it did those that came before us. The wires that carry the message feel alive with fire and purpose, explosive with possibility. This “funeral” is an acknowledgment. This “funeral” is abundant. This “funeral” overflows into the street filled with dance. This “funeral” stretches late into the night, kicking up the dirt, with the hum of a generator, an ever present member of the rhythm section. This “funeral” is a clarion call for reason and a belief that change is possible. 

So join Mdou Moctar in this funeral for justice, knowing rebirth is possible. A new justice is possible. With your voice, your heart, your dance, your stomp, a new justice is born. Mdou Moctar welcomes you with joy and open arms. Be here. Feel here and do, alongside this music. Don’t stand alone, join with others and do. Fight for liberation. Stand against oppression, alongside this music and do! 


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