Land Of Talk – “Weight Of That Weekend” [Video]

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Land of Talk have shared the video for “Weight of That Weekend,” the lead single from their 2020 album Indistinct Conversations on Saddle Creek Records. The song is perhaps the most personal that bandleader Elizabeth Powell has ever released across their five albums. “‘Weight of That Weekend’ is a recognition of having been on the receiving end of a lifetime of sexual coercion, assault, boundary violations, and subsequent gaslighting,” they said upon the track’s release. “It all came to light after an especially heavy weekend a few summers back. I was so sick of carrying all this weight that wasn’t mine to bear.”

A year on from its release, in an attempt to unload a little more of that weight, Powell has created this striking new video to accompany the song; a lofi, stream-of-consciousness film made entirely by themselves during a time of isolation. Dream-like and startlingly vulnerable, the video explores various themes of protection through a series of experimental scenes. “Growing up under the male gaze is inherently oppressive, objectifying, and disempowering,” Powell says. “Shooting this all by myself was empowering and healing. I un-objectified myself. I humanized myself. I unsexualized myself. I freed myself. I made myself whole again. I gave myself back to myself. I grounded myself and found myself back in my body.”

You can order the album HERE.

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