Kevin Morby – “A Random Act Of Kindness” [Video]

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Kevin Morby presents a new single/video, “A Random Act Of Kindness,” from his forthcoming album, This Is A Photograph, out May 13th on Dead Oceans. The signature hopefulness that has characterized all of Morby’s sonic journeys over his previous six albums remains throughout This Is A Photograph. On “A Random Act of Kindness” he ruminates that for all of the tricks that time may play on us, the sun will rise: “Sun came up, through my hands, Sun came up, with no plan, Sun came up, strike up the band.”

“In ‘A Random Act Of Kindness’ I set out to write a song where each line could be interpreted in two completely different ways,” explains Morby. “For example; when I sing the words ’out of trust…’ it could be heard as either I have lost my sense of trust in something or that I am committing an act with trust as my motive. It’s a song about the menacing nature of the sun rising during a dark time in one’s life only to further illuminate their pain and suffering – and how during these periods it is often the selfless acts of strangers that keeps a person going.

Sonically I am so proud and surprised by where we ended up with this one. Producer Sam Cohen and I had set out to make a sort of windows-down-mid-tempo-cruiser and somehow, with weeks of exploration, made a sonic rocket ship that shoots you out into outer space over the course of 4 minutes. Enjoy!”

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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