Ian Sweet – “Drink The Lake” [Video]

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Ian Sweet – the musical project of Jilian Medford – has officially announced her first album for Polyvinyl, Show Me How You Disappear, out March 5th.

Dizzying and enthralling, Show Me How You Disappear is the sound of someone coming apart and putting themselves back together — the moment an old mantra, repeated into the mirror time and time again, finally clicks. To look at your reflection, and finally feel seen.

Listening to Medford twist and bend her vocals is both thrilling and incredibly catchy. These are songs that will get glued in your brain, whose phrases will rattle around like an echo. Deeply relatable, deeply powerful.

In “Drink The Lake” Ian Sweet delves into the notion of repetition as a tool for retraining your brain and learning new realities. This is a track that “taps into my own twisted logic to try and break away from obsessive thought patterns,” Medford explains. “It turned into a pop anthem of seemingly silly ways to try and forget someone, like saying their name backwards, but I feel these devices contributed to my healing.”

The video, directed by Medford, depicts moments of serenity intercut with snapshots of playful chaos. We’re all riding the waves of life, might as well try to float right?

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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