Green Day – “Bobby Sox” [Video]

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Green Day’s new album, Saviors, has arrived today.

Their 14th studio album, Saviors, is the first full-length release from Green Day since 2020’s Father of All Motherfuckers, and features more of a political tilt than the band has had in years. Discussing “Bobby Sox” from the new album, which is out today, Billie Joe Armstrong delved into some of the lyrics and the song’s narrative, which centers around his wife Adrienne and their nights spent watching re-runs on the television.

On the subject of gender fluidity, Armstrong referred to the lyrics: “Doesn’t matter when we are in love / You’re not just any type of girl / My one true love and you’re my world / Do you wanna be my girlfriend? / Do you wanna be my boyfriend?” The post-punk maestro clarified that initially, the gender reversal was implemented as he sang from a woman’s viewpoint. However, he later discovered that singing “Do you wanna be my boyfriend?” felt surprisingly liberating.

He added to the Los Angeles Times: “Nowadays it’s more common for kids to be LGBTQ, and there’s more support. But for us, back in the day, that was like the beginning of when people were able to openly say things like that.” The 15 tracks of Saviors are out in all of their glory, and are available on CD, cassette, and vinyl formats (orders are ongoing). Stream the album below on Apple Music or Spotify.

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