Wild Raccoon: Mount Break [Album Review]

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wild-raccoon Wild Raccoon
Mount Break
Howlin’ Banana Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: One-man garage pop from France?! Yes, you heard me right. From across the seas comes Wild Raccoon and his reverb filled mayhem of a record that aims to please. If you are a fan of early Ty Segall or King Khan, Mount Break is a record that you for sure will enjoy. From the distant sounding punk on “Weapon of Love,” to the surf vibes that ripple through “Next Summer,” Wild Raccoon hits the right chords and will have you screaming along song choruses quickly. Mount Break also shows some diversity with an included cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End” and the eleven minute closer “Fries N’ Chocolate,” which steps out into the psychedelic void before just slowly fading away. Search this record out before summer officially ends – you won’t be disappointed !

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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