Wavves: Hideaway [Album Review]

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Fat Possum Records [2021]

It is hard to believe that Wavves broke out over a decade ago with the release of their third record, King Of The Beach, on Fat Possum Records. Since that time, Nathan Williams and the band has been to the major labels, released music on his own Ghost Ramp and now with their seventh album, Hideaway, Wavves is back with Fat Possum. That all works in their retro favor as this record marks a return to Wavves earlier style of fuzzed up indie rock but now with an more mature view on life.

The good news is that even though their are some stormy clouds in the lyrics, Wavves packages them in quick indie bursts of choruses and hooks that make several of the 9 tracks stand out. “Help Is On The Way” and “Sinking Feeling” are two songs that showcase Wavves career talents. Great sing along moments that are ultra catchy and come off effortless. The closing tracks also offer up some nice memories as “Planting A Garden” almost has a grunge side to it with its guitars as the softer “Caviar” finds Wavves in a different space which has a Death Cab For Cutie vibe.

There is not one song on Hideaway that I would say is an auto skip but there are at least three songs that just are not memorable. That is the downside of a 30 minute album because every song will be judged. They just sit in the middle with tempo and ultimately drag the overall flow the album. If you are a fan of Wavves, I would still recommend picking this alum up. Especially if you were somewhat turned off by the different 2017 You’re Welcome LP because Hideaway sounds comfortable. What I really liked about this “comfortable” is that this album is an easy listen. Plenty of the tracks will stick in your head and remind you of why you liked Wavves in the first place!

Key Tracks: “Help Is On The Way” / “Sinking Feeling” / “Caviar”

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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