VELCROS: Strange News From The Vault [Album Review]

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Strange News From The Vault
Crazysane Records [2024]

Album Overview: Strange News From The Vault marks the debut album from Leipzig, Germany-based trio VELCROS. This release follows their solid 5-song EP, Spit Takes, that just released last July. On their first full length the band continues their alternative rock mix that has a very late 90’s early 2000’s vibe while feeling fresh on every track. This spark is driven by singer and guitarist Fabian Bremer as VELCROS do an excellent job of blending various musical genres and exploring new territories within their sound.

Musical Style: VELCROS’ musical style is a dynamic fusion of modern, alternative and indie rock. The group draws inspiration from a wide range of artists that include Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Wipers, Guided by Voices, and The Beatles. The group crafts songs that are catchy and filled with energetic rhythms, melodic hooks, and a willingness to experiment with different sonic textures.

Evolution of Sound: With Strange News From The Vault, VELCROS demonstrate a clear evolution in their sound while retaining the essence of what made their debut EP appealing. The album showcases a more refined and polished version of their music, with bolder explorations of genres, contrasts, and extremes.

Artists with Similar Fire: VELCROS’ eclectic blend of influences makes it challenging to pinpoint artists that sound exactly like them but I lean into several indie rock artists from the late 90’s to early 2000’s like 12 Rods, Remy Zero and The Dismemberment Plan. They share a knack for crafting catchy, grooving songs with a twist, along with a willingness to experiment and evolve their sound.

Pivotal Tracks: “Starting Now” is the album opener and one of the catchiest tracks on the record with melodic rock vibes showcasing a compelling new accent in VELCROS’ style. “Hollowed” has an intensity to its rhythms that will put you on edge as it demonstrates the album’s evolution without departing from the sound of their earlier work. “Troubled Mind” is a bigger guitar track that gives VELCROS’ an expanded rock footprint as the vocals barely hover above the mix. “Fading Too” is later in the album as it highlights a different side of the group with its atmospheric moments of pure calm with modulating layers of shoegaze guitars.

Lyrical Strength: VELCROS’ lyrics offer themes of introspection, existentialism, and the human condition. While they craft catchy hooks and infectious melodies, there’s a noticeable complexity in their lyrical content. This simply adds another layer of depth to their music.

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