The Feelies: Here Before [Album Review]

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The Feelies
Here Before
Bar/None Records [2011]

Twenty years can seem like an eternity for anyone, and for a band, it’s an especially long time. However, in 2011, The Feelies have made a remarkable return with their album Here Before, which features all the original members from the 1986 era. What’s truly impressive about this record is that The Feelies sound as if they haven’t missed a beat in the decades between recordings. Their signature indie jangle remains intact, and on tracks like “When You Know” and “Time Is Right,” the band exudes the same freshness as they did back in 1980.

Here Before introduces a maturity factor to their music, and frankly, you might be surprised if it didn’t. This maturity is evident in several lyrics that reflect The Feelies’ age. However, the band doesn’t attempt to conceal the fact that their youthful vigor is now a thing of the past.

For long-time fans, Here Before is a must-pickup, as its timeless collection of tracks positions it as the group’s best album since the 1986 classic The Good Earth. It also serves as an excellent introduction for new listeners to explore their impressive back catalog. Hopefully, this welcomed reunion will continue to yield results, as waiting another 20 years simply won’t suffice!

“Should Be Gone” / “Time Is Right” / “Morning Comes”

R.E.M. / The Soft Boys / Sebadoh

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