Tapes n’ Tapes: The Loon [Album Review]

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Tapes n’ Tapes
The Loon
ibid Records [2006]

Tapes ‘n Tapes show everyone how a debut should sound. This is straight-up indie fun. Name a style, and The Loon has something for you. After several listens, I kept changing my mind about which band they most resemble…This is what I came up with: The Pixies blended with some Pavement, shaken by The Arcade Fire, and My Bloody Valentine sprinkled on top. The best thing about this album is its quick transitions within songs, great wordplay, and scat rhythms. You would think this thing would be all over the place, but these Minneapolis boys pull it off for one great 40-minute listen.

Key Tracks: “Cowbell” / “Insistor” / “Just Drums”

Artists With Similar Fire: Pixies / Pavement / The Arcade Fire

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