Slow And Steady: In Time We Belong [Album Review]

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bcr-048-cover-hires.jpg Slow And Steady
In Time We Belong
Broken Circles [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: In Time We Belong is a conflicted record in many ways—from the way its arrangements feel like they’re being stretched to encompass both modern-day guitar rock and early 2000s emo clichés, to the contrast between lyrical abstractions and generalized platitudes like “Welcome to your twenties / You’ve got a long way to go / It doesn’t help to know / That everyone is miserable.” But then every so often a track like “35mm” comes along and everything falls into place (including the heart-on-sleeve emo conventions). It’s an album that doesn’t always work—but when it does, the ends more than justify the means.

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Broken Circles

– Reviewed by Simon Workman

Simon Workman

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