Run, Forever: Settling [Album Review]

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Run, Forever
Tiny Engines Records [2012]

Fire Note Says: Indie rock done right with a purpose, message and substance.

Album Review: There can never be enough said about a solid indie rock record from a band that have spent much of their last two years on the road playing tiny clubs, basements and house shows. Pittsburgh’s Run, Forever sing every song here like it is their last which gives this record an honest pulse that engages the listener right from the beginning.

Settling is a record that probably everyone can identify with on some level as lead singer / guitarist Anthony Heubel addresses missing people close to him, wanting to make changes and the fear of fading away without notice. The band sends this message through both big rockers like the opening song, “Good Enough”, or the mostly acoustic “Braddock Beach” which showcases a completely different and relevant side to Run, Forever.

Run, Forever will not overwhelm you with the experience of hearing something new for the first time but instead will quickly win you over with its substance, musical tightness and heart on the sleeve approach. The album is a quick ten songs in 26 minutes so there is no filler as each song hits a sing-along indie rock anthem that you can latch onto fast and will have you reaching for the repeat button with the same speed.

Key Tracks: “Good Enough” , “Settling”, “Postcards”

Artists With Similar Fire: Knapsack / The Thermals / Titus Andronicus

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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