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Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club [2023]

Australia’s rocky is a new recording project featuring Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow, Green Child). The album is a fantastic slice of modern post-punk at its roots but is presented in a much more artistic package. The album swings big by actually giving less as its minimalist song structures capture your ear quickly, as their rock at times is an infused dream-pop sound that seamlessly moves from track to track.

What I really like about rocky is that they have mastered isolating instruments within their songs, keeping the listener engaged. The opening track, “Contents,” is a good first taste of this style as it creates a burning intensity with its stylistic tottering guitar chords moving at a foot-tapping speed, supported by their dual harmonizing vocals. Another standout track is “Invisible Scene,” with its synth-driven pulse and a distant blaring horn that brilliantly comes into focus, taking you out of the track. Once again, rocky uses these smaller elements in their mix that have a big impact on their overall song.

The entire album has a confidence to it that wins you over. The subtle counting during “Plastic Bottle” swirls in the background for a memorable effect. The commanding saxophone in “The Jacket” gives the track a classy sway that feels natural. The airy guitar work, groovy beats, and hypnotic drum patterns blend seamlessly with the enchanting vocals of both singers, creating a seamless and immersive sonic experience. Their more hushed vocal style draws listeners into a world of witty observations and introspective reflections, making each track a captivating journey into the band’s creative minds.

Overall, rocky is a compelling debut that showcases the artists’ unique blend of post-punk and new wave indie rock. The band’s experimental approach, along with Waite and Mahon’s captivating delivery, makes this album a memorable and rewarding listen for anyone looking for something fresh and distinctive. As rocky continues to refine and evolve their sound, it will be fascinating to see where their musical journey takes them next!

“Invisible Scene” / “Repeater” / “The Jacket”

Dry Cleaning / La Luz / Sweeping Promises

Bandcamp | Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club

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