feeble little horse: Girl With Fish [Album Review]

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feeble little horse
Girl With Fish
Saddle Creek Records [2023]

The Fire Note headphone approved

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, feeble little horse presents an invigorating and charmingly unpredictable sophomore offering with Girl With Fish. The album is a collection of brief yet captivating tracks brimming with feedback-laden melodies. The band undertook the independent recording and production of this release, embarking on a sonic journey that oscillates between euphoric pop and jarring dissonance. With a dynamic array of glitch-infused programmed rhythms and idiosyncratic indie rock, the album’s multifaceted approach engages listeners from various angles.

Right from the opening track, “Freak,” it becomes evident that feeble little horse has crafted a truly memorable piece. The resonating buzz of feedback initially strikes with force, but then singer Lydia Slocum skillfully slices through the noise with her refreshingly straightforward and down-to-earth vocals. Her voice and style find themselves within the same realm as some of indie music’s contemporaries, such as Karly Hartzman from Wednesday, Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, and Thao Nguyen (& The Get Down Stay Down). This likeness becomes particularly pronounced on tracks like “Pocket” and “Station,” where the fuzziness recedes, allowing Slocum’s vocals to shine.

In its compact 27-minute runtime, feeble little horse orchestrates a mesmerizing symphony of indie pop hooks and immersive shoegaze guitars, crafting captivating “moments” within each track that leave you craving for more. The album’s raw and confidently executed production imbues Girl With Fish with an agile charm that lingers long after the final note fades.

“Freak” / “Steamroller” / “Pocket”

Wednesday / Speedy Ortiz / Spirit Of The Beehive

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