Naomi Punk: The Feeling [Album Review]

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Naomi Punk
The Feeling
Captured Tracks Records [2012]

Fire Note Says: Naomi Punk is at the forefront of shoegrunge on their debut lp!

Album Review: If you have ever wondered what you would get if you crossed shoegaze with grunge, take a seat, I have a band for you to check out. Their name is Naomi Punk, and they have a new lp that is being rereleased on Captured Tracks, entitled The Feeling. The Feeling is 35 minutes of buzzing, wobbly guitars and woozy melodies, that are guaranteed to catch your ear and make you take notice.

The best part of Naomi Punk’s debut lp is that it sounds instantly familiar, without ever really sounding like anybody or anything else. Sure you can hear Nirvana, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine in their DNA, but they are more than just the product of their influences. They are wholly original. They mix their catchy mind-bending blend of rock with experimental sound collages to great effect, and create a sound that is both disorienting and entirely welcoming. If the melodies weren’t so catchy, this would be a difficult task to pull off, but because they are so adapt at crafting pop songs, it comes off remarkably well for such a young band, incidentally ranging in age from 20 to 23.

“Voodoo Trust” gets the album started, and immediately it strikes the listener as something different. Perhaps it as simple as the bending a note on the guitar, which sounds like the whole neck is being bent to the point of snapping. Or maybe it’s the stomping drumbeat, or maybe it’s the way the vocal lays behind it all, not quite out in front, but deeper, more like it’s just another instrument. Whatever it is, it’s unique, and pulls you in right off the bat. “The Spell” picks up right where “Voodoo Trust” leaves off, following the same sonic template, and then segues directly into the sonic collage “CLS + Death Junket” which in turn then flows right into the hard hitting “Trashworld”.  An Impressive run of album sequencing from the young band! The record closes with the 6 minute epic “The Buzz” which reminds me of the psychedelic stew that Screaming Trees used to kick up in their prime. All in all, an impressive debut from these young Northwest upstarts. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on!

Key Tracks: “The Buzz”, “Voodoo Trust”, “The Spell”

Artists With Similar Fire: Nirvana / Sonic Youth / Screaming Trees

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-Reviewed by Kevin Poindexter

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