Museum Mouth: Alex I Am Nothing [Album Review]

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museum-mouth-alex-i-am-nothing Museum Mouth
Alex I Am Nothing
Self Aware Records [2014]

Fire Note Says: Concept record about obsession rocks to the nerve.

Album Review: From the first note, you can hear the fragile state that NC indie/pop/punk band Museum Mouth are in on their third proper full length, Alex I Am Nothing. This component alone completely engages with the listener and pulls you into their songs about obsession and romance that displays real emotion. All of this is wrapped in a tight indie and slightly off kilter punk package which works to drive home the point.

The songs here are at their best when they crank up the tempo. “Drool” is a just over two minute fire cracker of a track that drummer and vocalist Karl Kuehn sadly confesses “You’re all I want to do. And I can’t have you.” This is your first taste of this relationship that is being described where the participant becomes obsessed with someone they can’t have. I believe everyone at some point has experienced that sick feeling in their stomach and Kuehn hits that nerve time and time again. The emotion that sits behind the songs reminds me of Cursive’s Tim Kasher and his delivery style which should give you a feeling for the overall tone on Alex I Am Nothing. On “Crocodile,” I dig the line “The Smiths never changed my life, but baby you just might,” which puts you right in the thick of things and helps you realize the seriousness of the situation.

The entire record flows with this focused concept. Museum Mouth move the tempo up and down on the 10 songs here but still find a consistent groove that lets Kuehn’s vocals soar just above the guitars. If you are into big hooks or harmonies, Alex I Am Nothing is not an album that will grab you. Museum Mouth utilize sharp lyrics, vocal effects and noise to drive their passion here and as the last line on the record states “You find something you like, and then you move on with your life,” Museum Mouth will not be slowing down anytime soon!

Key Tracks: “Drool” / “Handsome And Boring” / “Crocodile”

Artists With Similar Fire: Cursive / Possum Dixon / The Thermals

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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