Moth: Immune To Gravity [Album Review]

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Immune To Gravity
Hey Domingo! Records [2006]

The Cincy band Moth returns with their new album, delivering another great shot of alternative rockin’ tunes. If you are not familiar with these lads, they have been around longer than you might think. They formed in the early ’90s and have released five full-length records. This includes Provisions, Fiction & Fear, a major label release on Virgin Records that was a 2002 Top 10 album on my favorite internet radio station, 97X WOXY “The Future of Rock and Roll.” Like most bands, Virgin never gave them full support, so they returned to the independent scene, which turned out to be good news for their fans.

On Immune To Gravity, Moth moves seamlessly from one rock track to the next. Each song shows lyrical improvement over their previous work. This is also their hardest-sounding album, combining pure punk, harmony, and rock to create a highly entertaining listen. They have created a very catchy album that won’t necessarily win any new fans but will definitely retain the old ones – plus it should sound great live.

Key Tracks: “Revolution” / “Immune To Gravity” / “Constantly On”

Artists With Similar Fire: Foo Fighters / Green Day / Weezer

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