Kevin Morby: Oh My God [Album Review]

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Kevin Morby
Oh My God
Dead Oceans [2019]

Who: Indie singer/songwriter that started as a member in the Babies and Woods. Morby is now on his fifth solo LP.

Sound: Rootsy modern crooner that has the classic vibes of Dylan and Cohen.

TFN Final Take: As Kevin Morby’s fifth record kicks things off with the title track you get the spiritual concept of the album right up front. Morby stated that ‚ÄúReligion is around all of us, as it is a universal language and there is profound beauty in it.” Does this mean that Morby made a religious record? I doubt you will be hearing this on CBN radio anytime soon so if you were worried about the album title, concept or the album cover – don’t be, because Oh My God is still the Morby you know.

Sure, the gospel choruses that pop up throughout the record can transcend you to other places but Morby the storyteller takes over track after track and his drawn out, sometimes haunting, mood driven vocals have you holding onto each word. It also is not a melancholy affair as the jazzy and intricate flow of the first three tracks set you up for surprise on the just over two-minute rocker “OMG Rock n Roll,” which turns out to be an addictive foot tapper. Many songs on this trip have the standard Morby mid-tempo rhythm, so the album as a whole never drags.

By the end of Oh My God you will definitely respect Morby for the effort. If you have been a fan, there is plenty to like here just like on 2017’s City Music but I believe Singing Saw (2016) is still his best record. What I do like this round is that Morby has pushed himself into something different. Even Dylan had a gospel phase, so it is always good to be well rounded. Where Morby goes next is anyone’s guess. He is an artist driven by the inspiration of his surroundings so wherever he takes us – I will sign up again for the experience!

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Dead Oceans

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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