Here Lies Man: Here Lies Man [Album Review]

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Here Lies Man
Here Lies Man
RidingEasy Records [2017]

Who: Marcos Garcia is the guitarist for Antibalas and frontman for Chico Mann. Here Lies Man is his new project.

Sound: Here Lies Man is a different outlet for Garcia with its fuzzed-out psych-rock combos that have been labeled as Black Sabbath playing Afrobeat.

TFN Final Take: It is easy to get excited about Here Lies Man if you are familiar with Antibalas, as the New York-based group has been around since 1998 and is influenced by Afro-beat, soul, and Latin dance. This approach always makes their records a festive listen and now with Here Lies Man you add in hard driving bass, psychedelic synths and distorted guitars. It is a fusion type of record that is meant to make a groove, so songs have a repetitive riff in them and very little vocals but could be either played on the DJ floor or your favorite college radio station. This get up and move vibe from Here Lies Man has a definite edge to it, if not unsettling at times with its frantic delivery, but will win you over quickly with its diversity. If you are into new experiences, Here Lies Man is a band that you should seek out. It is also a project I would love to hear evolve, so let’s hope for a sophomore effort.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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