Golden Apples: Golden Apples [Album Review]

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Golden Apples
Golden Apples
Lame-O Records [2022]

Led by guitarist/songwriter Russell Edling, Philadelphia-based Golden Apples started as more of a solo project but now has evolved into a full band lineup. Edling and the group showed a catchy indie pop style on their excellent Headphone Approved debut, Shadowland, just last year so this sophomore effort represents a quick follow up that bottles that same energy into a more compact container.

You can hear some evolvement right away as the self-titled release captures a more carefree and collaborative snapshot of this group with its ten-songs and album runtime of 28 minutes. The record maintains a lo-fi indie pop approach with some distortion and 90’s alternative sounding guitars. The harmonies on “Grass” and “High School” are a good example of the hooks Golden Apples can produce and will instantly pull you into their world. “Across The Ocean” has a very similar sound and foot tapping beat as Cornershop’s “Brimful Of Asha,” which quickly becomes memorable as Golden Apples drench several parts of the track in fuzzed distortion. “Bees” is the hardest rocking track on the album that has a Car Seat Headrest vibe while also showcasing a different side to the group. “Cosmic Candybar” is another stand out song on the album with its more mellow, melodic, and mid-tempo pace that is fully completed with the backing vocals of Mimi Gallagher.

Golden Apples have created a solid sophomore outing of distorted indie pop that really is timeless. The album goes deeper with Edling’s lyrics that tackle bigger subjects like depression and trying to keep your feet on the ground but the music elevates his message effortlessly with its big guitars and big melodies. Golden Apples is a perfect album to pick up and play as it will appeal to fans of a widespread era of indie rock!

“High School” / “Across The Ocean” / “Cosmic Candybar”

Car Seat Headrest / Pixies / Sleeping Bag

Shadowland (2021)

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