Frankie Cosmos: Next Thing [Album Review]

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frankie-cosmos-next-thing Frankie Cosmos
Next Thing
Bayonet Records [2016]


Fire Drill Album Review: “If I had a dog / I’d take a picture everyday / Am I still sad? / Is that pretty lame?” are the lines that start off the second track on Frankie Cosmos excellent new record Next Thing and immediately gives you some insight into creator/singer Greta Kline’s world. The record is a short and interesting perspective of spoken word except that it is accompanied by the catchiest of jangles. This is the mix that makes Frankie Cosmos so damn enjoyable. Next Thing expands and ups the tempo from the slower Fit Me In EP released last year. Kline evolves and matures right before your ears on Next Thing but here is the album’s magic – the songs are still personal, the music still gives you shivers and the closeness of her sound makes you feel like the only fan on this earth. All of those components translate to a Headphone Approved sophomore album that should not only gain Frankie Cosmos some much deserved attention but also a spot in our year end top albums list!

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Bayonet Records

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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