EZTV: High In Place [Album Review]

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eztv-high-in-place EZTV
High In Place
Captured Tracks [2016]

Who: New York’s EZTV just released their sophomore album High in Place which features Jenny Lewis and Real Estate’s Martin Courtney and Matt Kallman.

Sound: The band has a very soft power pop sound that throws back to The Byrds or Dwight Twilley while giving nods to Teenage Fanclub and is very comparable to the modern era with the likes of Real Estate and Ultimate Painting.

TFN Final Take: High in Place finds EZTV returning quickly after last year’s debut Calling Out. The group keeps things simple and consistent without much alteration to their laid back soft indie rock found on their debut. The subject matter also keeps the rain parade on a bit like before with songs about break ups but with the kind of riffs, harmonies and melodies that EZTV string together you never fall to a depressive level. High in Place does not surpass Calling Out but is a very close second. Basically, if you liked their debut you will like this album as well.

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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