Doffing: Tower Of Ten Thousand Miles [Album Review]

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Tower Of Ten Thousand Miles
Self-Released [2018]


Who: Montreal’s Doffing may have released one of 2018’s best albums. Tower of Ten Thousand Miles is flying under the radar, but try your best to lock on and engage.

Sound: Doffing emulate and honor 90’s indie rock with an entertaining blend of weirdo rock that is part Pavement, part Polvo and a touch of The Gerbils.

TFN Final Take: It is pretty clear from the get go that Doffing get slacker indie rock. They have an incredibly fascinating approach to creating their music that takes bits and pieces of bands like Pavement and Polvo and blends them into an exhilarating sound. The off-kilter song structures keep you guessing what is coming next, and what does comes next is never disappointing.

The vocals are reminiscent of the elfish-like delivery of The Gerbils’ Scott Spillane. They add a touch of emotional innocence and whimsy to the churning and swirling songs. The opening lyrics of “Lures of the Unlife“(we lured you here with the promise of an afterglow) hooked me immediately. I was transported back to a time when Slanted and Enchanted and Today’s Active Lifestyles dominated my CD player.

Fans of 90’s indie slacker and noise rock should pick up Tower of Ten Thousand Miles immediately. I have high hopes for this band and can’t wait to hear more.

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– Reviewed by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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