Cherry Glazerr: I Don’t Want You Anymore [Album Review]

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Cherry Glazerr
I Don’t Want You Anymore
Secretly Canadian [2023]

Clementine Creevy, also known as Cherry Glazerr, describes her fourth record, I Don’t Want You Anymore, as a “mature” album. This reference primarily relates to her personal growth rather than being a reflection of the record itself. This statement holds true in both the musical and lyrical aspects as the album encompasses a diverse range of genres, including synth-pop, alternative grunge, dance funk, and more straightforward indie rock. The lyrics also exhibit a more focused and mature tone, grappling with the complexities of romantic relationships. This album resonates with the listener and offers a glimmer of hope even in challenging life circumstances.

It’s been four years since Cherry Glazerr released her resplendent third album, Stuffed and Ready, but Clementine Creevy has been in no rush. If you have followed along with some of her singles that have been released in the time between, they had a much more dance/pop sound to them. Those tracks, of course, marked the beginning of Cherry Glazerr’s evolution towards a more polished sound while showcasing growth and a willingness to experiment with different sonic landscapes. The guitars still pack a punch, but there’s a refined subtlety to the way they’re used, adding a layer of complexity to the album. Tracks like the fantastic, slow-burning rocker “Sugar,” the power-driven “Soft Like A Flower,” and the groovy, attitude-driven “Ready For You” exemplify Cherry Glazerr at her best. However, tracks like “Golden” and “Wild Times” have a more pop-oriented flair to them, and they don’t play to Cherry Glazerr’s strengths, detracting from the album’s overall smoldering intensity.

I Don’t Want You Anymore is Cherry Glazerr’s most mature offering to date, demonstrating an artist who’s unafraid to push boundaries and tackle important topics with both honesty and power. This album is a testament to the evolution of her sound and Clementine Creevy’s songwriting prowess. With its captivating musical moods and thought-provoking lyrics, I Don’t Want You Anymore is a natural addition to Cherry Glazerr’s discography.

“Ready For You” / “Sugar” / “Soft Like A Flower”

Bleached / PJ Harvey / Soccer Mommy

Stuffed & Ready (2019) / Apocalipstick (2017)

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