Cherry Glazerr: Apocalipstick [Album Review]

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Cherry Glazerr
Secretly Canadian [2017]

Who: Clementine Creevy is a headstrong 19-year-old that dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone. The groups debut was on Burger Records and they released a 7” on Suicide Squeeze so they have plenty of indie credibility. Apocalipstick is their Secretly Canadian debut and features two new members backing Creevy.

Sound: Female fronted indie rock reigns supreme here as Cherry Glazerr have some similar qualities to another LA band, Bleached, while singer Creevy is front and center like a Patti Smith, Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) or Mary Timony (Helium, Ex Hex).

TFN Final Take: Clementine Creevy went back to the drawing board with the departure of her previous two bandmates going into Apocalipstick. That must have been somewhat nerve racking considering Cherry Glazerr already had quite the buzz. The good news is that the band takes a sonic step forward and blends a rough edged indie rock sound with a smoother current trend of synthesizers with some The xx like slickness. This makes for several really surreal moments on the album, which gives the band its uniqueness while still being able to hit you hard with rockers like “Told You I’d Be With The Guys” and “Sip O’ Poison.” It also helps that the band worked with Joe Chicarelli (White Stripes, The Shins, The Strokes) and Carlos de la Garza (Bleached, M83, Tegan and Sara), as I believe both of their past resumes are represented here in a good way. “Nuclear Bomb” is a prime example, as it is not only one of the best tracks on the record but showcases the extreme differences Cherry Glazerr possesses. The quiet lyrics and starting flow feels like a Mazzy Star wave until the song explodes into the chorus and unleashes the tormented vocals of Creevy. It also has a muscular guitar mid-point that will stick with you. Apocalipstick is not a perfect record as there is plenty of room for growth in the lyric department but they are still really young. I will tell you that the record is a grower and I found myself going back again and again for more. Give this one a shot and I think you will be in replay mode as well!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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