Being Dead: When Horses Would Run [Album Review]

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Being Dead
When Horses Would Run
Bayonet Records [2023]

On their debut album, Being Dead takes listeners on a captivating journey through a psychedelic landscape that skillfully combines vintage influences with present-day experimentation. Comprising of friends Falcon Bitch and Gumball, the band demonstrates an adeptness for blending elements of lo-fi, surf, folk, jazz, and indie rock into a truly enchanting sonic experience. With their latest release, When Horses Would Run, the band not only evolves but also expands upon the sound they cultivated in their previous EPs.

Right from the opening track, “The Great American Picnic,” listeners find themselves immersed in a world of dreamlike surf settings and hazy, blended melodies. The record commences with a familiar sense, almost as though it has been plucked from a bygone era of rock music. Nostalgic guitar riffs, warm analog tones, and reverb-laden vocals fuse to create a mood reminiscent of ’60s and ’70s psychedelia. However, this is interwoven with a modern twist that maintains the music’s freshness and relevance. The songs exhibit musical cohesion while also covering a wide expanse, effectively keeping the listener engaged. Another standout on the album is “Muriel’s Big Day Off,” which highlights Being Dead’s prowess in merging styles. The track kicks off with a surfy bounce and harmonized lyrics, before delving into a jazzy final third that truly commands attention.

Lyrically, When Horses Would Run delves into desert plains, gritty basements, and verdant rolling hills, all while exploring the lives of carefree shoplifters and cowboys. It’s this lighthearted and slightly whimsical approach that infuses the album with its sense of playfulness. The layered and echoey vocals significantly contribute to the dreamy ambiance of the music. The album’s lyrics might not be immediately transparent, yet they enhance the overall mysterious and otherworldly atmosphere of the record.

When Horses Would Run stands as a solid debut, often venturing into the realm of mesmerizing sound exploration. The seamless fusion of retro elements with contemporary innovation results in a distinct sonic signature, showcasing how Being Dead confidently forges its own musical path. This adds up to a compelling and lasting addition to their musical repertoire.

“Muriel’s Big Day Off” / “Treeland” / “Misery Lane”

La Luz / Wet Leg / Swell Maps

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