A Shoreline Dream: Losing Them All This Time [Album Review]

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A Shoreline Dream
Losing Them All This Time
Latenight Weeknight Records [2011]

I think that there are tons of music fans out there that just really don’t get the shoegaze movement. That is totally fine but this disconnect translates into a much more underground scene that makes it harder to discover new bands for all of those that enjoy the vibe.

That is why I like Denver’s A Shoreline Dream and have been a fan since their debut, Avoiding The Consequences, released back in 2006. The modern group brings a fresh sound to the genre while always balancing the line of completely spacing out and maintaining some sense of song structure. Losing Them All This Time follows the same path and engages the listener around every spacious corner.

A Shoreline Dream succeed because they do not need a 10 minute plus song to convey their art, as most of the record’s tracks average 4 minutes. Some new avenues emerge on Losing Them All This Time, such as the more upbeat risings in the excellent “Fault 67” or the quicker background tempo in the memorable “London”. A Shoreline Dream also includes a surprise cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” which turns out to be a stellar version as it floats into feverish peaks as singer Ryan Policky commands your attention.

A Shoreline Dream never redefine the shoegaze genre on Losing Them All This Time but their attention to detail prevails on this record, as it is another must listen right down to the daunting last track “Lost”, which appropriately leaves the listener hypnotized as the instrumental noise track trails off into the sunset!

Key Tracks: “Fault 67” / “London” / “The Chain”

Artists With Similar Fire: Slowdive / Chapterhouse / Ulrich Schnauss

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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