The Friday Fire Track: The Midwestern Charm – “Can’t Stand It”

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fire track midwestern charm
I can never turn down catchy power pop so featuring Milwaukee’s The Midwestern Charm today was a no-brainer. The band’s newest record, Growing Pains, actually was released last year but the group recently signed to Texas Is Funny who’s given the album a re-release this week.

“Can’t Stand It” leads with its somewhat nasally vocals and is a good example of their sound. The trio will have you thinking about more unique 90’s bands such as Possum Dixon, Walt Mink or Knapsack while having a Replacements and early Gin Blossoms bounce to their tracks. If you think The Midwestern Charm has a throwback vibe, you would be absolutely correct and for me that is the appeal.

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Texas Is Funny Records

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