The Friday Fire Track: The By Gods – “Letting A Good Thing Go”

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friday fire the by gods
Nashville-based band The By Gods, made up of Tye Hammonds (drums) and George Pauley (guitar, vocal), released their debut album I Don’t Care Who Believes Me at the start of the summer with the vinyl coming in August. This single will give you a great idea of what The By Gods bring to the table.

“Letting A Good Thing Go” will recall memories of 90s indie rock with its strong riff and bashing drums. It is a track that continues to build as Pauley’s vocals get behind the music and push it up the hill. It is just a solid guitar driven track that should put The By Gods right in many listener’s wheelhouse.

The song is off their record I Don’t Care Who Believes Me which will be available on vinyl August 9, 2014 via BLECCH Records.

The By Gods Website
The By Gods Facebook
BLECCH Records

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