The Friday Fire Track: High Signs – “A Much Larger Ocean”

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We get hundreds of submissions, so it always feels like a small win when someone reaches out and TFN likes what they hear from the first chord. It is even better when it rocks us out all the way through and beats just staring at the computer screen. That is exactly what happened with today’s Friday Fire Track from Toronto, Ontario band High Signs.

“A Much Larger Ocean” flies from the beginning as the band will instantly charm your Japandroids nerve. It’s feverish throaty vocals will grab your ear as your foot will start tapping to High Sign’s raw energetic post-punk. The song is honest, simple and explosive!

High Signs debut album, If So, Then What?, will be out this summer. It was recorded by Collin Young at B-Town Sound, and mixed by Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung). Enjoy your Friday!

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