Premiere Fire Track: Ben Bostick – “Different Woman”

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Today’s premiere track is from the Georgia-based singer-songwriter Ben Bostick. “Different Woman” is the first single from his forthcoming record Grown Up Love which is due for release on August 20th. What was once going to be a new record of portraits became a collection of love songs to help his wife and him endure the challenges of the pandemic, employment, a new baby and his eldest daughter being diagnosed with Rett Syndrome.

Here is what Ben had to say about the song: “This is a song that means one thing when you listen casually, and it means the opposite when you listen closely. Like Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” The lyrics were inspired by an interview I heard with the author Paolo Coehlo, in which the interview asked him how it felt to be married to the same woman for 40 years. To paraphrase Coehlo, he said something like, “The same woman? I am not married to the same woman. The woman I am married to now is a different woman than the girl I married 40 years ago. And she is married to a different man.” I love this take on monogamy. You’re not with the same person; you’re with a person who is constantly changing. Musically, I was inspired by Paul Simon’s joyous Graceland sounds. And I used a technique I learned from guitarist Martin Taylor to get that buzzy acoustic guitar sound that forms the base of the track—the technique involves loosely weaving a piece of paper between the strings to get plinky, buzzy sound. The song really came alive with Colin Agnew’s percussion.”

One listen to the song and you will hear the similar bounce of classic Paul Simon as Bostick’s smooth voice has a delivery similar to Eric Matthews, Rufus Wainwright or Stuart Murdoch. Anyone that has had any substantial relationship will connect with “Different Woman” especially when Bostick sings the line “Bound by ties unbreakable, unfree yet unconcerned.” If you know – you know!

“Different Woman” is officially released this Friday and you can find more info on Ben HERE with pre-order information for Grown Up Love coming soon!

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