Fire Track: TUTUPATU – “Tangerina”

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Madrid, Spain band TUTUPATU share the lead single from their forthcoming album IV. Hear/share “Tangerina” below and read about the immersive, meditative process they used to capture its sound HERE. (Direct Bandcamp.)

The band’s desire to capture TUTUPATU’s essence led them to secure an underground location in Madrid, where they set up a private recording studio. They locked themselves for a 72-hour recording session. They aimed for unfiltered creativity: 32 tracks rolling at all times, doors locked, lights dimmed, and volume cranked.

The result? A mesmerizing blend of motorik drums, throbbing basslines, howling guitars, wailing saxophones, ethereal synths, and a myriad of flutes and folk instruments intricately woven into their debut album, “IV.” Comprising five expansive tracks, this collection immerses the listener in an auditory journey, guiding through intricate inner landscapes, transcending conventional musical boundaries.

The album serves as a sonic memoir, encapsulating five distinct moments, blending krautrock, synth ambient, noise, and free jazz. Each track beckons the listener into dreamlike soundscapes, creating a truly immersive experience.

TUTUPATU, founded by Tomas Garrido, Matías Tangerina, and Olivares, fuses their diverse musical backgrounds in classical, jazz, rock, electronic, experimental noise, drones, and ethnic music. After more than a year of dedicated rehearsals, they’ve meticulously crafted a unique sound that invites exploration.

Their collective aim is to shape an auditory landscape that defies convention, drawing inspiration from trance-inducing repetition—a musical odyssey transcending genres, resonating with the eclectic blend of their individual influences. Through their explorations, they guide listeners on an introspective journey into uncharted realms. Join TUTUPATU in the immersive experience unfolding through their debut album.

IV will be available on LP and Bandcamp download on February 14th, 2024 via Broken Clover Records. Pre-orders are available HERE,

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