Fire Track: The C.I.A. – “Inhale Exhale”

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The C.I.A. have shared their second unhinged, biting new single “Inhale Exhale” today. Their forthcoming album, Surgery Channel, is ripe with straightforward conviction. The trio made up of Denée & Ty Segall and Emmett Kelly have constructed a world where everything is piercing and pinpointed. Every word brings confrontation – The C.I.A. make you question what could be happening here…or what they’re after.

Denée (vocals, lyrics) is both haunting and seducing us at once with her voice over precise sonics, amplified by the suspense of tick-tocking drum machine beats. Ty (bass, percussion, back up vocals) and Emmett (bass, synth, back up vocals) paint a jarring and dissonant landscape behind Denée’s story. Words are rhythm at The C.I.A.

Surgery Channel is an astute observation and blunt critique. Both inward and outward. It is an exploration into how harshly intimate that process can be. The album was written in 2021 and was recorded by Mike Kriebel at Segall’s own Harmonizer Studios. The album sees its release January 20, 2023 via In The Red on vinyl and across all digital platforms. 

You can order the album HERE.

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