Fire Track Premiere: The Beautiful Distortion – “CMT”

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Today’s Fire Track premiere is from Pennsylvania’s The Beautiful Distortion. The band has many sides to its sound but on “CMT” you will hear a solid alternative rock that is driven from its harder edged guitars, soaring vocals and big hook chorus. The song truly takes off midpoint when vocalist Dave Doll gets support from sisters Karen and Amy Jones on backing vocals.

“CMT” has a progressive vibe to its overall delivery while pulling from an early 90’s era rock. The Beautiful Distortion’s distinct blend has earned it noteworthy gigs at high-profile venues and festivals, and they are on the official roster of New York City’s MTA MUSIC subway performers. The band also plans to release a double album of covers and originals titled Revision on October 21, 2022. So check out the track below and hit up their socials for more on The Beautiful Distortion.

“CMT is about reflection and time, using the past as a tool to create opportunities for the future, while still struggling to live in the present. We know where we’ve been, and we like to fantasize about where we’ll be in the future, but we fail to realize the present is fleeting. The moment is gone before we realize and becomes our past. The hopeful feeling of the song is meant to reflect how we look ahead for a brighter future, missing out on what could be the best time of our lives, only seeing it once we reflect on it as the past”

— Dave Doll (guitar/vocals)

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