Fire Track: Man Or Astro-Man? – “Space 1991”

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Iconic indie rock vets Man or Astro-Man? have made their return with a brand new three-track EP entitled Space 1991 / Tenth Planet via Earth Libraries that is available now!

“Over the last few years, we’ve put together a ton of new recordings and also we’ve also always had this endlessly bubbling vat of material that has been waiting to be curated and cataloged,” say the band. “This new single is the first bit of all this crap. Much to the detriment of our sanity, we probably toured more than any band in the 1990s and we were constantly on the road for a decade. This was mostly due to us just being punk rock kids from Alabama who wanted to go absolutely anywhere we could. We never imagined we would get to travel to nearly 50 countries and meet so many amazing people over the years. Anyway, while on those travels, we did a ton of studio and radio sessions that we plan on getting out at some point including the 8 BBC Peel Sessions we did. This ‘Space 1991’ single sort of bridges the gap between all the old and new crap. Basically, it’s our very own take on the whole right-before-having-a-mid-life crisis space rock genre that all the kids are so crazy about these days.”

Man or Astro-Man? are also playing two live dates this October.

10/30/21 – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West
10/31/21 – Birmingham, AL – Saturn

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