Album Stream: Stark Folk Band – Standing In The Kitchen EP

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Stark Folk Band, hailing from Dayton, Ohio, and featuring long-time member Ryan Shaffer, who also plays with the Smug Brothers, is set to release a new two-song EP this Friday, June 7th, 2024. Known for their straightforward rock sound and solid live performances, the band is bringing something special to their fans with this release. The first track on the EP is “Standing in the Kitchen (Band Version),” a live performance favorite and a remake of the original version from their 2008 debut. This new version is full of fire, with the track soaring with its bigger backing vocals.

The recording session for the new EP took place at singer Brady Burkett’s country estate and faithfully captures the spirit of their music, recorded in a room next to Brady’s actual kitchen. The B-side, “What It’s All About,” is a previously unreleased track that brings a distinctive rowdy fun to fans. Both tracks have a very honest indie rock sound that highlights the members’ experience and are meant to be played at volume.

Stark Folk Band has released several LPs with Old 3C Records, but activities were paused due to COVID-19 and Brady Lee Burkett’s pursuit of a PhD. The new release, which is self-released, could be the band’s swan song, but time will tell! The EP will be available on all major streaming services starting tomorrow, June 7th.

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