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New music Friday! The weather has finally cooled off but TFN will warn you – these three artists will spike your temperature back up! Please check out below: the singer/songwriter from Berlin, a swagger heavy group from London and the intense rock out of Boston. Don’t forget – Discover, Support & Share!

Saba Lou
Berlin, Germany

Saba Lou is the 19-year-old daughter of musician King Khan (In The Red) and grew up around musicians; in fact her uncles and aunts are all involved in music like Mark Sultan and the Black Lips to just name a few. You might think her new record Novum Ovum will be a spitfire garage rock album but Lou is all about the retro sound that recalls Nancy Sinatra. Saba Lou is definitely an artist to watch as I believe this record will be her indie breakout moment. It’s is the perfect time to take a listen and watch her grow.

Saba Lou Bandcamp

Dry Cleaning
London, UK

South London’s Dry Cleaning have a second EP, Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks, coming out October 25th which follows their summer debut EP Sweet Princess. Both releases are solid, as Dry Cleaning tell stories that snap. Their sound is somewhat comparable to Parquet Courts except with a female lead singer and each track will grab your ear with each and every line. I do know that Dry Cleaning have a swagger to them that elevates both EPs and makes both worth hearing. TFN can’t wait to see this band progress!

Dry Cleaning Bandcamp

Black Beach
Boston, Massachusetts

The raw noise of Boston’s Black Beach will get your adrenaline pumping within seconds. Black Beach consistently hammers you with distorted riffs, blistering drum beats and a grunge based fuzz that is relentless and carefree. Their style is the appeal here and the group will release their sophomore record, Tapeworm, on October 11th. To date the record is their most focused release. Black Beach for sure have an early Nirvana foundation to their music that is modernized with the similar sounds of Thee Oh Sees, Protomartyr and Preoccupations. Needless to say – make sure you play Black Beach loud!

Black Beach Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony

Fire Note Staff

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