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Artists of the week time and TFN has another unique selection for your ears. C R O W N from France combines industrial beats with Depeche Mode style while the indie rock of Phili’s Spirit Of The Beehive’s new album returns them to great form and lastly a surf compilation that is hard to put down. Enjoy!

Colmar, France

Crown started out in 2011 as 2 men and a drum machine, and their debut album instantly got them an invitation to the prestigious Roadburn Festival in 2013, and a record deal with Candlelight Records. The duo’s early sound was defined by hissing electronics, soaring heavy guitars and the absence of “real” drums, touching on industrial metal acts like Godflesh, Ministry or Killing Joke. Their new record, The End Of All Things, is a departure from that sound as the European experimental duo utilizes the experience of the two producer/engineers to create an industrial synth sound that has the vibe of Depeche Mode on steroids. The End Of All Things will be available on April 16th, 2021 via Pelagic Records.

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C R O W N Bandcamp

Spirit Of The Beehive
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The newly modified 3-piece (founding members Zack Schwartz and Rivka Ravede are now joined by new member Corey Wichlin), of Spirit Of The Beehive have just released ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH today – their fourth LP and debut for Saddle Creek Records. Along with the change in band dynamics the group also took more time to work on the record which I think helped mold this record into one of their best releases to date. The album is gorgeously disjointed as the group melds different noises, rhythms, synths, guitars and even strings to create an indie landscape that is worth the price of admission and forces you to hit replay.

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Spirit Of The Beehive Bandcamp

Various Artists
Corpus Christi, Texas

It goes without saying that TFN still loves a good a surf record. It is even better when we find a modern day collection that makes the classic genre proud. That is the case for Otitis Media Records release Surf You Next Tuesday that is full of choice cuts from surf artists around the globe. Brazil, Greece, Sweden and the great USA all have representation in the album’s 16 songs. Some highlights on this is album is Argentina’s Didi Wray as she invites Greg Townson to play along which he has played guitar with Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets and The Hi-Risers. Brazil’s Surf Aliens kill it on “Mar E Moto” while Texas’ Total Death Mechanics grooves and rolls with the best. This compilation is an essential surf listen if you have been looking for something new on the scene.

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Surf You Next Tuesday Bandcamp

Fire Note Staff

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