The New Old-Fashioned: Ladies [7-Inch Feature]

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Photo Feb 23, 12 18 38 PMThe New Old-Fashioned
“Ladies” b/w “Indie Movie Scenes”
Toxic Beauty Records [2014]

Featured a few months back in one of our monthly Bandcamp Features, Dayton, Ohio’s The New Old-Fashioned are a five-piece Folk Rock/Alt-Country band fronted by songwriter/guitarist David Payne. The band’s sound recalls classic acts like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan, with jangly guitars and swirling Hammond organ backing Payne’s catchy melodies.

Their newest single, “Ladies,” their first release on Toxic Beauty Records, encapsulates nearly every aspect of the band’s sound in one four-and-a-half-minute slice of Americana. The track begins with a delicate acoustic guitar before building into a mid-tempo rocker, with a nice guitar solo and background vocal harmonies thrown in for good measure. The B-side, “Indie Movie Scenes,” is more fast-paced and kicks into gear as soon as the needle drops. Its energetic arrangement and breezy melody calls to mind early Tom Petty tracks like “American Girl” and “Refugee.”

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The heavy cardstock jacket actually folds out into a small screen-printed poster with extended artwork and credits, and the black vinyl, while fairly standard, does have nice labels that continue the hand-drawn feel of the cover. A download card is included, which allows you to download the two tracks from the 7-inch as well as four “basement sessions” bonus tracks as well. The record is available for purchase from Toxic Beauty Records on March 1.

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-Feature by Simon Workman

Simon Workman

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