Superchunk: Void / Faith [7-Inch Feature]

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superchunk-7-inch Superchunk
Void b/w Faith 7”
Merge Records [2013]

This 7-inch turned out to be one of the highlights of Record Store Day 2013. Two brand-new Superchunk songs inspired by Mac McCaughan’s favorite hardcore records, the punk split album on Dischord with the bands Faith and Void. McCaughan stated that “musically we aren’t like either of those bands, but that era influences a lot of what we do.”

He was not kidding as the A-side “Void” kicks this single off with high octane Superchunk that is very similar to their earlier 90’s work. Fiery guitar work with scorching Mac vocals equals a keeper in the Superchunk song catalog. The B-side “Faith” is a bit more reserved but still classic Superchunk as it has a memorable chorus that will have you chiming in “stupid, stupid faith” almost immediately.

The jacket is a fold over style with simple art on the front and back designed by Superchunk main man Mac McCaughan. The vinyl is a smooth looking clear coke-bottle wax and features hand-numbered sleeves printed at Barefoot Press (the original printer of all the early 7-inches Merge) and is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Well worth searching out on eBay if you are a Superchunk fan!

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-Feature by Christopher Anthony

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